Overseas commitment

5 reasons for working with Overseas Logistics S.L


1. We monitor your goods

We always take care to carry out detailed tracking via internet of the transport and handover at the final destination points, assuring you peace of mind from the signed-off tracking receipt upon delivery.


2. Security is important

In the same way, in transport on the road, we work with groupage companies in direct service in European cities, without making any changeovers and using the CMR transport document.

All dispatches that are in our warehouses will be rigurously watched over via our service scanner, in both land and air cargos.



3. We work with trusted agents throughout the world

Do you want to avoid shocks at Customs and at the final destination? In overseas business, this is of special importance. We work with regulated air companies and with direct flights, so avoiding possible handlings.

We depend on a network of correspondents throughout the world who take care of keeping us informed about regulations, documents and requirements which are necessary before cargos are sent off.

Our correpondents in countries all across the world, in addition to being IATA agents, are highly qualified agents of Customs, logistics and transport, with wide experience, who make available all the means necessary for an efficient and safe delivery from any country of origin.

Those who work with us, know what they are doing. The world of transport and international business requires people who are prepared in all parts of the world.


4. ISO 9002 Quality

We follow the international quality standards set out by the International Standards Office. This way, we can assure our clients that their goods are safe and well looked after by professionals from the Overseas Madrid team.


5. IATA Certified Agents

We are also IATA agents for the same reason as before: We want to give the utmost security and confidence to your projects in order that you can take care of the really important business matters which require your supervision.

For this reason, we belong to the highest level international organisation which recognises our work and endorses the functions we carry out in Overseas as a logistical company.