Albert Camus, the famous french journalist and writer, said:

If the world were clear, art would not exist

Art is one of the greatest expressions that we human animals have to express our emotions, represent our environment and customs or use it as a protest tool in those situations that we dislike and would like to change.

Therefore is an intimate, deep and dedicated event to which an artist comes to meet the world or themselves. An act so profound that only those who enjoy art seek to understand the artist who carried out the work and, why not, perhaps find the personal sense to them in this work of art.

This is why, here at Overseas Logistics S.L, we have been engaged for more than twenty years now on the transportation and installation of works of art. But not only in the most recognized fairs worldwide and with the most successful artists, we also want to make art available to those who make of their office, or their home, a personal corner where to take refuge from the world.

Thus, we did recently the customs, transportation and installation of these artworks from Dubai to Barcelona thanks to our correspondent from G4S International Logistics.

With your trust and our experience, the world becomes smaller. And you? Do you have already someone who will help you with those valuable items?

If you have any questions, ask us what you need. We’d love to hear from you soon.