Services. What can we do for you

We want to be able to help you in a matter that we know can become somewhat complicated: the logistics of your business.

For this reason, if you want to expand on an international level, such as taking timely goods to fairs abroad, allow your overseas business strategy to become easy and comfortable.

Logistics is our strong point and we want to help you so that you can do what you know best: take care of your business and your clients.

This is the list of services that we can do for you organized by type of transport. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us  by telephone or email.

* Departures from the main naval ports with the best connections
* Flexible structure in inland transport
* Arrival of goods to destination within 24 hours of the boat departure
* Door to door service worldwide for FCL and LCL goods
* Promptness at Customs
* Information on time
* Full Container – Groupage

* Daily routes throughout the country
* Bases in Madrid and Barcelona
* General cargo, containers, special items, bulk…
* Weekly services to Europe and direct and consolidated cargos
* Your goods at their destination in record time
* Fluidity in air consignments
* Preparation of the required documentation
* EDI handling system for speedy management at Customs
* Network of agents throughout the world
* IATA certification

* Ports of call in  Vancouver, Los Ángeles and Dubai
* Intermediate service between sea and air transport
* Bases in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or London
* Transits controlled by computer network
* Control at every moment of the status of your goods

* Logistics at fairs and exhibitions
* Market studies, turnkey projects
* Embassies, consular documents
* Business chambers
* Studies of finance and charges
* Contact with foreign companies and with Spanish offices helping the business to enter into the overseas markets (throughout the world)
* Packaging
* Chilled/frozen products